The ‘Manager’ And Her Staff

Do you know that a manager at a workplace could be a close friend to his or her staffs? I know one person who are really friendly to those working under her. The person I am talking about is a girl and she works as a ‘Shift Manager‘ in a Pizza Hut restaurant; the third manager after the ‘Restaurant Manager’ and ‘Assistant Restaurant Manager’. She is very close to her staffs and treat them in a friendly manner, stern at times but takes good care of them and the works they do without ignoring the customers’ need.

Vennila Devi

The girl in the blue shirt and tight black pants who kneels on a chair is the manager I am telling you about. She is pretty young, but skillful in her work and able to serve customers at her best as well as being close to people she works with. The girl who hugs her at her waist is just one of the staffs working there and just got to know the manager but that does not matter when this comes to being close friends before, during and after work. I am glad to know that there is friendship between a manager and her staff.


Girl, can I be your friend too? I would like to hug you just like she did…


Don’t be such a pervert!


The ‘Cutie’ At The Beach

(Please circle any of respective answers given by the question below)



What would a person do if he see a girl in bikini at the beach?

A. Enjoy looking at the girl

B. Approach the girl and get to know her

C. Capture a photo with the girl

D. Wish the girl to be his girlfriend

Korean Bikini GirlAnswer:

If I am the person in the question, the answer will be…

E. Capture her soul and keep her safely in my heart


(If the answer given is not accurate,

please be aware of possible ‘All of the above’ answer chosen by a person)

The ‘Woman’ In Orange: Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal

Do you like orange color? Do you like someone in orange color? Do you like if someone in orange color is a popular actress? I am less likely to attach myself to anything orange, but I would prefer to look at those who keep themselves pure that way. Let’s say the person I’m talking about is a South Indian actress, Kajal Aggarwal. Would you mind knowing her? Would you mind looking at her in orange color? Would you mind watching her on cinemas and televisions? I don’t mind…

Kajal Aggarwal 1Kajal Aggarwal 2

 Kajal Aggarwal is one of the most popular celebrities in Kollywood (Tamil) and Tollywood (Telugu); both film industries are Indian equivalent of Hollywood. She has been very successful in many of her films and considered one of the major ‘Box Office Queen’ in India. She may not very well known internationally but domestically, she has almost being a ‘superstar’ in the acting arena. She is also a model; appearing in various commercials in India and models on fashionable clothes. Do you still think it is wrong to see her in orange color? Of course not…

The ‘Kiss’ For Someone

Would you kiss someone to show your love or affections? It is acceptable that kiss is pressing of one’s lips against someone or something. But what if the kiss is done without actually pressing a person’s lips on? That should be known as flying kiss. It means kissing someone or something without lips touching on but spreading the kiss in the air. This has been popular among many people and seems to be easily done with or without the knowledge of another person. There are some people who would show flying kiss with their lips drawn to which are ready to kiss, and there are others who choose to draw their lips to kiss while blowing ‘unseen kisses’ to their close cliques.

The Kiss

Do you remember a dialogue which certain people would like to say when they try to insult others? “You may kiss my ass!” or shortly ‘kiss my ass’ is something people used to say a couple of years ago. In this image, I have seen such silly kiss and this reminds me of how people tend to mock on someone’s buttocks. Basically, people don’t kiss someone’s buttocks; only on certain body parts that are taken generally for kisses (lips and cheeks, for example). If someone asking another to kiss his or her buttocks, it is meant to be a call for them to do something silly and nonsense that is insulting to themselves. Would you ever try to do it if you are asked to?


You may kiss my ass!


Have you ever wash them? LMFAO!

The ‘Art’ Of Beauty

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder



What makes a girl beautiful?

How beautiful can a girl be?

Why is a girl beautiful?

Asian GirlAnswer:

Nothing. She is beautiful as she is.

She can be beautiful as she wants herself to be.

There is no reason for her being beautiful. It just happens.


Beauty is a soul that lives in her heart

The ‘Jilbabe’ In My Office

What is ‘Jilbabe‘? ‘Jilbabe’ is a term that represents Muslim girls who wear a scarf that covers their head and neck but remains on tight jeans or pants and tops or t-shirts that are revealing their body shapes or curves. There is another term known as ‘Jilboobs‘ that maintains those girls in their respective scarfs (or mainly known as Hijab) but with tops that reveal their shape of breasts. This phenomena has been circulating countries with many Muslim girls, like in Malaysia and Indonesia; it seems that their clothing fashions has been something almost illegal to their religion, Islam. But as of today, the Muslim girls believe that the way they go around with their stylish clothes doesn’t seem to disturb the minds of other people and prefer to live their life in that simpler manner.


I have known a ‘Jilbabe’ in my working office for few years. Of all those girls there, she is the prettiest of them all and I like talking to her, though we don’t really talk much to each other. In this image that I have personally captured (without her acknowledgement), she was signing on a receipt for my purchase of documents photocopy. Before the term ‘Jilbabe’ existed, I have seen such a beauty wandering around in my office, never able to take my eyes off her. I was standing beside her at this moment, and to get a better view, I purposely dropped a paper and tried to pick it up while looking at her buttocks covered by her tight black jeans. I am not being a pervert but trying to see things differently and found out their clothing have no difference when compared to non-Muslim girls wearing the same but without the head and neck covering scarf.


Anything better to do than this?


No, I have done the best thing, what else to do?