The ‘Manager’ And Her Staff

Do you know that a manager at a workplace could be a close friend to his or her staffs? I know one person who are really friendly to those working under her. The person I am talking about is a girl and she works as a ‘Shift Manager‘ in a Pizza Hut restaurant; the third manager after the ‘Restaurant Manager’ and ‘Assistant Restaurant Manager’. She is very close to her staffs and treat them in a friendly manner, stern at times but takes good care of them and the works they do without ignoring the customers’ need.

Vennila Devi

The girl in the blue shirt and tight black pants who kneels on a chair is the manager I am telling you about. She is pretty young, but skillful in her work and able to serve customers at her best as well as being close to people she works with. The girl who hugs her at her waist is just one of the staffs working there and just got to know the manager but that does not matter when this comes to being close friends before, during and after work. I am glad to know that there is friendship between a manager and her staff.


Girl, can I be your friend too? I would like to hug you just like she did…


Don’t be such a pervert!


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