The ‘Jilbabe’ In My Office

What is ‘Jilbabe‘? ‘Jilbabe’ is a term that represents Muslim girls who wear a scarf that covers their head and neck but remains on tight jeans or pants and tops or t-shirts that are revealing their body shapes or curves. There is another term known as ‘Jilboobs‘ that maintains those girls in their respective scarfs (or mainly known as Hijab) but with tops that reveal their shape of breasts. This phenomena has been circulating countries with many Muslim girls, like in Malaysia and Indonesia; it seems that their clothing fashions has been something almost illegal to their religion, Islam. But as of today, the Muslim girls believe that the way they go around with their stylish clothes doesn’t seem to disturb the minds of other people and prefer to live their life in that simpler manner.


I have known a ‘Jilbabe’ in my working office for few years. Of all those girls there, she is the prettiest of them all and I like talking to her, though we don’t really talk much to each other. In this image that I have personally captured (without her acknowledgement), she was signing on a receipt for my purchase of documents photocopy. Before the term ‘Jilbabe’ existed, I have seen such a beauty wandering around in my office, never able to take my eyes off her. I was standing beside her at this moment, and to get a better view, I purposely dropped a paper and tried to pick it up while looking at her buttocks covered by her tight black jeans. I am not being a pervert but trying to see things differently and found out their clothing have no difference when compared to non-Muslim girls wearing the same but without the head and neck covering scarf.


Anything better to do than this?


No, I have done the best thing, what else to do?

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