The ‘Kiss’ For Someone

Would you kiss someone to show your love or affections? It is acceptable that kiss is pressing of one’s lips against someone or something. But what if the kiss is done without actually pressing a person’s lips on? That should be known as flying kiss. It means kissing someone or something without lips touching on but spreading the kiss in the air. This has been popular among many people and seems to be easily done with or without the knowledge of another person. There are some people who would show flying kiss with their lips drawn to which are ready to kiss, and there are others who choose to draw their lips to kiss while blowing ‘unseen kisses’ to their close cliques.

The Kiss

Do you remember a dialogue which certain people would like to say when they try to insult others? “You may kiss my ass!” or shortly ‘kiss my ass’ is something people used to say a couple of years ago. In this image, I have seen such silly kiss and this reminds me of how people tend to mock on someone’s buttocks. Basically, people don’t kiss someone’s buttocks; only on certain body parts that are taken generally for kisses (lips and cheeks, for example). If someone asking another to kiss his or her buttocks, it is meant to be a call for them to do something silly and nonsense that is insulting to themselves. Would you ever try to do it if you are asked to?


You may kiss my ass!


Have you ever wash them? LMFAO!

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